University Recruitment

Past Recruits: Real people, real experience

Hear from recent hires who joined Finance Canada through our university recruitment process. They'll share their experiences so far and tell you what they enjoy most about working in the nation's capital at one of Canada's top 100 employers.


"Being selected to join the Department of Finance team represents an exceptional opportunity to join a group of high-level specialists serving Canadians. Each day, we work on complex issues that have a concrete impact on Canada, its economy, and its competitiveness in a constantly changing world. To that end, the Department provides its employees with extraordinary resources to increase their potential and to foster continuous learning. This exceptional environment, combined with flexible supervision by talented managers and professionals, encourages excellence and personal development. More important still, a position at the Department of Finance offers an opportunity to help shape public policy in Canada and represents a key career development experience."


"As an analyst in the International Trade and Finance Branch, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of very interesting and topical international issues, and to see how Canada participates in international institutions such as the IMF and the G-20. The learning culture at Finance creates a dynamic workplace, and since joining the Department I have had the opportunity to work with a suite of very talented, highly motivated individuals. This not only creates an engaging atmosphere, but has allowed me to continuously learn new things and grow in my career."


"Working at a line department throughout university, I always looked forward to landing a job with a central agency. When I came to the Department of Finance through the University Recruitment process, I found a policy area that fit my education perfectly, and team members who were not only exceptionally intelligent, but also friendly and eager to help with my transition. From day one, you're entrusted with important files, and your input is valued as much as anyone else's. Being challenged on a regular basis to provide sound analysis, surrounded by co-workers and managers who give you the tools you need to flourish – all while working in a brand-new building – is a combination that makes Finance one of the best places to work in Canada."


"My experience thus far at Finance Canada has been extremely positive. I've had the opportunity to conduct policy research on a wide range of international economic issues and help manage Canada's participation in G-20 meetings. However, it's not just what I work on, but who I work with that has made my time at Finance valuable. My colleagues are all very intelligent, dedicated, and willing to collaborate. Anyone looking for a workplace that is fast-paced and filled with professional development opportunities should definitely consider Finance Canada."


"Finance has provided me with a stimulating and challenging career whose outcomes can have a real impact on the well-being of Canadians. Work on both domestic and international issues has brought me from Gatineau to New Delhi and many points in between. The best part about this job, though, is the talented, intelligent, and motivated team of colleagues and managers who all make incredible efforts to get a job done and done well."