University Recruitment

Job Descriptions: Find the right fit

Learn more about this year's recruitment streams, whether you're seeking work as an economist, a tax legislation specialist, or a doctoral researcher. From educational requirements to starting salaries and moving allowances, we can help you navigate the ins and outs of the recruitment process.

Before you apply be sure to familiarize yourself with our three application streams to determine which area you are best suited to. All the positions are located in Ottawa.

Recruitment Process

Three Streams for New Recruits:

Economist and Policy Analyst Stream Open

Recent M.A. graduates hired under the Economist and Policy Analyst stream are involved in all aspects of the Department's work. They conduct policy analysis and forecasts, perform research, and provide recommendations on a wide variety of public policy issues. Recruits can choose to specialize in a particular area of the Department of Finance Canada for several years, or can gain experience in a number of different areas of the Department.

The application process is now open.

Doctoral Researcher Stream Open

Recent Ph.D. graduates hired under the Doctoral Researcher stream join a team of researchers conducting theoretical and empirical work on policy-relevant questions. Issues tackled cover a wide variety of microeconomic and macroeconomic areas.

The application process is now open.

Tax Legislation Stream Closed

This stream is aimed at candidates who have training in law, taxation or accounting and who wish to pursue a career as a specialist in income or sales tax. In these positions in the Tax Legislation Division and Sales Tax Division, you will directly participate in analyzing complex income tax or sales tax issues, propose policy changes to senior departmental officials and the Minister of Finance, and draft provisions of the Income Tax Act, Excise Tax Act and related legislation for presentation by the Minister of Finance to Parliament.

Other employment opportunities in the Government of Canada are available on the Public Service Commission of Canada's website.