Departmental Plan 2018–19: Supplementary Information Tables

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Upcoming internal audits for the coming fiscal year

Internal audits
Title of internal audit[*] Area being audited Status[†] Expected completion date
Audit of the Information Management of the Federal Budget Process Program 2: Economic and Fiscal Policy, Planning and Forecasting In progress May 2018
Audit of Safeguarding of Sensitive Information Internal Services: Human Resources Management In progress May 2018
Review of the Reserves Management Framework Program 11: Market Debt and Foreign Reserves Management In progress December 2018
Audit of Information Technology (IT) Governance and IT Project Management Internal Services: Information Technology Planned December 2018
Audit of the Department of Finance’s International Monetary Fund Governance Framework Program 6: International Trade and Finance Policy Planned May 2019
* As listed in the 2017–18 to 2019–20 Risk-Based Audit Plan approved by the Deputy Minister on June 9, 2017.
Internal audits identified as “planned” are subject to change.