Part 6 – Division 20
Overview: Immigration

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The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that Canadians are given the first chance at available jobs. Economic Action Plan 2014 proposed measures to further strengthen the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to help ensure that employers comply with program requirements to deter those employers who break the rules.

The Government is seeking to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to provide the authority for the Governor in Council to make regulations to promote and enhance regulatory compliance through the establishment of a system of administrative monetary penalties for employers of foreign workers. The amounts of administrative monetary penalties and the contraventions to which they would apply will be set out in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.

Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) and Entrepreneur Program (EN) backlog refund

Economic Action Plan 2014 delivers on the government’s commitment to build a fast and flexible economic immigration system by terminating the Immigrant Investor Program and the Entrepreneur Program. By eliminating applications dating as far back as eight years prior, Canada will be able to focus on admitting immigrants who are better positioned to meet Canada’s current economic needs. In addition, this backlog elimination provides another step towards a just-in-time system that enables applications to be processed in months not years, and can quickly adapt to address Canada’s evolving economic and labour market needs.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

The 2013 Speech from the Throne and Budget 2013 confirmed the Government’s intention to create a new and innovative active recruitment model known as the Expression of Interest (EOI) that will allow employers, provinces and territories to assist in the selection of skilled immigrants from a pool of applicants that best meet Canada’s economic and labour market needs. Economic Action Plan 2014 underscores the Government’s commitment in this regard, with an investment of $14M over two years and $4.7M ongoing to implement the Expression of Interest system, beginning in January 2015.

The EOI model is a new electronic, fully automated, application management system for economic immigration to Canada. Candidates will complete an online form to express interest in coming to Canada and provide information about, for example, their skills and experience, which determines their eligibility for entry into the EOI pool. Pool submissions will be ranked, sorted and searched and top candidates will be invited to submit an application for permanent residence within existing economic immigration programs. These applications will be processed in up to 6 months from the date of a complete application.

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