Key Considerations When Preparing Your Submission

The purpose of the submission is to simulate briefing senior Department of Finance officials, and ultimately briefing the Minister of Finance, on a policy proposal. With this in mind, it is essential that teams take into account the following when preparing their submissions:

  • Be clear. Be brief. Follow the template. As a part of the budget process, the Minister will be briefed on a wide range of topics and needs to make informed decisions on all of them. It is essential that information is presented in a clear, concise and uniform way to facilitate this process.
  • Take into account the current political, economic and fiscal environment. A good policy proposal needs to be made in light of the current realities and address the question of why now is the time to take your recommended actions on a given issue.
  • Provide evidence based analysis. Good policy proposals are based on strong arguments backed up with equally strong evidence. Be sure to make use of reliable and trusted sources for your evidence when preparing your submission.

In addition to the key considerations above, strong submissions from teams will do the following within the constraints of the submission template provided:

  • Clearly define the problem to be addressed. If the problem to be addressed is unclear, it will also be unclear why your proposal is necessary or why it is the correct response. A good proposal will start with a clear explanation of the problem or issue at hand.
  • Provide all of the information needed for the Minister to make a decision. Try to anticipate the questions that the Minister might have about your proposal if they were making a decision to include it in the Budget or not, and integrate the answers to those questions into your submission.
  • Develop creative and innovative solutions. The economic policy challenges facing Canada are substantial and will require creative and innovative solutions to create a healthy economy for all Canadians. Think big and be bold. We welcome your ideas to help address the economic challenges Canada faces.