Canada Health Transfer

What is the Canada Health Transfer (CHT)?

  • The Canada Health Transfer, or CHT, is the largest major transfer to provinces and territories.  It provides long-term predictable funding for health care, and supports the principles of the Canada Health Act which are: universality; comprehensiveness; portability; accessibility; and, public administration.
  • CHT transfer payments are made on an equal per capita basis, and include both cash and tax point transfers. Starting in 2014-15, provincial and territorial CHT transfers will be allocated on an equal per capita cash basis only.
  • As announced in December 2011, total CHT cash levels are set in legislation to grow at 6 per cent until 2016-17. Starting in 2017-18, total CHT cash will grow in line with a three-year moving average of nominal Gross Domestic Product, with funding guaranteed to increase by at least 3 per cent per year.
  • The move to an equal capita cash allocation is part of a long-term plan announced by the Government in Budget 2007 to provide comparable treatment for all Canadians, regardless of where they live. The Government will ensure that the transition is fiscally responsible by implementing a by-province and territory protection that will ensure that no province or territory will receive less than its 2013-14 CHT cash allocation in future years as a result of the move to equal per capita cash.

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