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Archived - Foreword by the Minister of Finance

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The Honourable James Flaherty, Minister of FinanceCanada is a great country. We are among the world's safest, cleanest and most prosperous nations-a place where generations of people have come to live their dreams. But we need to keep Canada great. That means creating jobs, maintaining low unemployment and low interest rates, and reducing taxes. It also means rewarding hard work, helping people to get ahead, and ensuring our economy stays strong to preserve and protect our social programs-like health care.

The people who built this country worked hard. They had ambition and vision, and they helped ensure that our country achieved the success and prosperity that we enjoy today.

We have both the responsibility and the opportunity to build on that foundation.

Over the past number of years, the ground rules of the global economy have changed. It has been an important and exciting time, with advances in communications technology, reduced trade barriers and declining transportation costs, which have changed the world. People, jobs and investment capital move more rapidly across the globe than ever before. Talented, motivated people have become the world's most valuable resource.

Governments have a responsibility to create the right conditions and opportunities for people and families to be successful. While we face challenges and barriers that stand between us and a higher quality of life, we can-and we will-overcome them.

This is what Advantage Canada: Building a Strong Economy for Canadians is all about.

Advantage Canada is an economic plan designed to make Canada a world leader for today and future generations. It will build a strong Canadian economy and make our quality of life second to none through competitive economic advantages.

These advantages are:

  • Tax Advantage-Reducing taxes for all Canadians and establishing the lowest tax rate on new business investment in the G7.
  • Fiscal Advantage-Eliminating Canada's total government net debt in less than a generation.
  • Entrepreneurial Advantage-Reducing unnecessary regulation and red tape and increasing competition in the Canadian marketplace.
  • Knowledge Advantage-Creating the best-educated, most-skilled and most flexible workforce in the world.
  • Infrastructure Advantage-Building the modern infrastructure we need.

By committing to principles and policies that will deliver these advantages, Canada's New Government is setting the stage for economic growth, opportunity and choices for people. Together, we will build a prosperous economy that provides Canadians with what they deserve: good, well-paying jobs; the ability to save more for retirement; the chance to start a new business; the opportunity to help children and grandchildren; and the chance to improve their overall quality of life.

Advantage Canada

will allow us to show the world who and what we are: a modern, dynamic and tolerant country.

This is a plan of action that will involve partnerships, cooperation and dialogue. It is also a plan for the long term, which will require focus, discipline and commitment.

This is an exciting time for Canada, and an exciting time to be Canadian. The world is not standing still, and working together-as one-Canadians have the energy, the ambition, the skills and the tools to succeed in a global competitive marketplace.


The Honourable James M. Flaherty
Minister of Finance

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