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Archived - Chapter 6
Success Factors and Implementation

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Success Factors

While there are many factors that will influence the successful implementation of specific policies within Advantage Canada, there are three key success factors that are critical to the overall success of this effort.

  • Engagement. Canadians are proud of their country and want Canada to take its rightful place on the world stage as a respected, modern, dynamic and tolerant society. We can do that-if Canadians work together. Individual Canadians are seeking post-secondary education and training opportunities like never before. This must continue, and governments must do their part to support education and training. Canadian businesses are investing in people, equipment and technology. But more needs to be done. As businesses improve their own competitiveness and productivity by investing in people, equipment and technology, they help all Canadians to be better off and more secure.
  • Partnership. Advantage Canada is a national plan, and its success depends on clarifying, enhancing and strengthening the relationships between different levels of government. Governments at all levels-provincial, territorial, municipal and federal-need to work together in the spirit of cooperation, united by the vision of a stronger, better, more prosperous Canada for all Canadians. Advantage Canada also recognizes the foremost importance of partnerships with the private sector in achieving the results we need.
  • Commitment. The successful implementation of Advantage Canada will require long-term focus and discipline. This plan is about fundamentally refocusing government on what it does best. This will take time, and it will take patience. The implementation of the principles and policies of Advantage Canada will require governments to remain committed to this ambitious strategy over the long term.


The implementation of Advantage Canada has already begun. A number of initiatives within Budget 2006 support Advantage Canada's principles, as do the measures outlined in the Tax Fairness Plan for Canadians. This implementation will continue through measures to be proposed in Budget 2007 and beyond, as well as in other key policy and legislative initiatives of the Government.

While we must remain steadfast in our resolve to achieve the ultimate purpose and direction of Advantage Canada, Canadians will work together to determine the best ways to achieve these goals. Canada's New Government will actively seek input and ideas regarding the most effective and efficient ways to implement the details of this plan.

In some cases, the policies and priorities of Advantage Canada will be implemented relatively quickly. But the principles that form the foundation of this plan, and the advantages they will create, are designed to serve Canadians for years to come. They should be reviewed and refined as global dynamics and Canada's competitive position change.

Our country has a great history of success and achievement. We need to build upon the strong foundations we have, given the economic realities of today. Canada's New Government believes that, working together, we can build a Canadian standard of living and quality of life that are second to none in the world.

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