Debt Management Report 2016–2017

Table of Contents

Foreword by the Minister of Finance

Purpose of This Publication

Other Information

Executive Summary

Highlights for 2016–17

Part I – 2016–17 Debt Management Context

Composition of Federal Debt
Sources and Uses of Borrowing
Government of Canada Credit Rating Profile

Part II – Report on Objectives and Principles

Objectives and Principles
Raising Stable, Low-Cost Funding
Maintaining a Well-Functioning Government Securities Market

Part III – Report on the 2016–17 Debt Program

Domestic Marketable Bonds
Treasury Bills and Cash Management Bills
Foreign Currency Debt
Retail Debt
Cash Management
Investment of Receiver General Cash Balances
Cash Management Bond Buyback Program

Annex 1 – Completed Treasury Evaluation Reports

Annex 2 – Debt Management Policy Measures Taken Since 1997

Annex 3 – Glossary

Annex 4 – Contact Information

Reference Tables

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