- Consultation Paper - Annex A

Annex B

Please send your submissions before June 30, 2003 to:

Michael Phelps (Chair)
Wise Persons' Committee on the review of the structure of securities regulation
700 West Georgia Street
CP 10026
Vancouver (BC)
V7Y 1B3

Email: wpc-cpa@farris.com
Fax: (604) 661-9349

Guidelines for presentations

The Committee intends to post all submissions on its website, subject to requirements (see below) related to the "confidentiality". Wherever possible, submissions must be emailed to the Committee at wpc-cpa@farris.com. For submissions sent by mail or courier, a diskette containing the electronic version of the presentation must be provided, whenever possible. Electronic submissions must be in Word 97 or WordPerfect 9.0, but not in pdf format. If it is not possible to provide an electronic copy, the Committee will ensure that the text is converted.

All submissions must include the name of a contact person and contact information (return address, telephone and fax numbers, email address), which will be available to answer questions from the Committee, its staff or public presentation. Please clarify how you prefer to be contacted and if you prefer to be contacted in English or French.


The Committee believes that the discussion on how best to improve the structure of the Canadian securities regulatory authorities will be enhanced by a transparent and vigorous debate on relevant issues. In this vein, all presentations will be made available on the website of the Committee, with the exception of confidential information or sensitive. If a presentation is, in whole or in part, provided to the Committee on a confidential basis, there should be specifically mentioned that she should be treated in whole or in part in confidence. Unless otherwise noted, the Committee will process each submission as public information. The Committee prefers that there be a minimum of confidentiality claims and that they are limited to highly confidential information.

Consultation process

Individuals or entities may submit a quote request to meet with the Committee and it is also possible that the Committee or its staff upon request clarification or more information.

Members and Committee staff will meet with interested parties to further analyze the issues or to present their views. Meetings to this effect will take place in cities across Canada. The Committee will publicly announce these meetings. Please refer to the Committee's website for information on meetings and on the procedure to be followed. In addition, the Committee will commission research projects and seek the cooperation of people interested in working with researchers.

- Consultation Paper - Annex A