Minister Morneau Highlights New Investments in Cultural and Recreational Infrastructure

April 8, 2016 – Toronto, Ontario – Department of Finance

Finance Minister Bill Morneau highlighted new investments in cultural and recreational infrastructure today during a visit to the Filipino Centre Toronto. This announcement comes as part of the new Government’s first budget, Growing the Middle Class.

Minister Morneau highlighted new investments in cultural and recreational infrastructure to help to make our communities feel like home. Budget 2016 proposes investments in cultural and recreational infrastructure of $342 million over two years.

Funding through the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund will support the renovation and construction of arts and heritage facilities. Recipients would include not-for-profit arts and heritage organizations, provincial and territorial governments, municipalities and their agencies, and equivalent Indigenous peoples’ institutions. In addition, funding will also support projects to renovate, expand and improve existing community and cultural infrastructure—like community centres, museums, parks and arenas—in all regions of the country, including projects that advance a clean growth economy.

Earlier today, Minister Morneau addressed the Canadian Club of Toronto and the Empire Club of Canada, where he highlighted the $3.4 billion Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.

Budget 2016 proposes to invest more than $120 billion in public transit, green infrastructure and social infrastructure over 10 years. These investments will transform Canadian communities and revitalize Canada’s economy.


"Today's announcement is an opportunity to invest in people and the economy, and to prepare Canada for a brighter future. In many communities, cultural and recreational centres are the places where families can play together, where neighbours can meet, and where Canadians can celebrate the many cultures that make Canada so diverse. Our plan will renovate, expand and improve these important community gathering places."

- Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance

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