October 3, 2005

Archived - Speaking Remarks for The Honourable Ralph Goodale Launch of the Canada Savings Bonds Sales Campaign Canadian War Museum

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Ottawa, Ontario

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Thank you, Louise. I would also like to thank Joe Geurts and the Canadian War Museum for their hospitality, as well as Minister Guarnieri for making the trip to be with us here on this stage.

Greetings and good wishes from the Government of Canada, and a special welcome to Canadian war veterans. Everyone in Ottawa watched the construction of this building with great interest. And perhaps you felt, as did I, a renewal of pride in Canada's military history and its contributions to peace that reach back to before Confederation.

Those contributions, of course, came in many different forms. Many gave their lives for their country-the ultimate sacrifice. Many more, like those of you here, interrupted your youth to serve your country-an experience that can never be far from your mind.

There was another kind of contribution we must recognize, as well. It is the one made on the Canadian home front.

It came in the form of letters from home, changes in lifestyle to support the war effort. It came in the form of shared grief for our losses. It came from the retooling of industry and from gathering around the radio and studying the newspapers to get the news each day.

The contribution from the Canadian home front came, as well, in the form of financial support for the war effort through the Victory Loan Program and Victory Bonds in both the First World War and the Second World War.

A dollar here and a dollar there was carefully saved-setting it aside became part of the family budget. And while the Victory Loan Program and Victory Bonds paid back the investment, with interest, the real motivation had everything to do with supporting the men and women who came from all parts of our country to fight for freedom on the other side of the world.

It is safe to say that the success of Canada's war effort depended heavily on those dollars saved here and there and on the willingness of Canadians to invest in our country.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. For us it is a time to remember the sacrifices made here in Canada and abroad. That is what this Year of the Veteran in 2005 is all about.

But the tradition of supporting Canada's goals through Victory Loans and Victory Bonds did not end in 1945. It continued with the transition from Victory Bonds to Canada Savings Bonds. And in a few short months, this program will also celebrate a 60th anniversary of the contributions Canadians have made to the growth and prosperity of their nation.

On behalf of Canada, I thank those of you here who served in a time of war. And I also pay tribute to those who bought Victory Bonds back then, and who buy Canada Savings Bonds today, and in so doing, keep on building this wonderful country.

Thank you.