Summary of Finance Canada’s Privacy Impact Assessment Of the University Recruitment Program

At Finance Canada we provide leadership in helping the Government of Canada develop the economic and social policies that will improve the standard of living and quality of life of Canadians, their families and their communities. Our six policy branches provide unparalleled opportunities to work on issues like economic and fiscal forecasting, the federal budget, G-20 and G-7 meetings, federal transfers to the provinces and territories, tax policy, and financial sector regulation. We work on challenging policy issues, and you will have access to decision makers and be able to influence important public policy decisions.

Finance Canada is always looking to recruit talented, creative and motivated people to join its team of economists, policy analysts, researchers and tax legislation officers in Ottawa. Each year we recruit a large number of people through our University Recruitment Program.

Applicants through the Program provide the same amount and type of personal information as they would in applying for employment with the federal government by any other method—the personal information they provide is also protected in the same manner:

  • Name, citizenship status and contact information
  • Education and recent/relevant experience information
  • Reference information
  • Resumés
  • Employment equity information (candidates may self declare if they belong to one of the employment equity groups)
  • Personal Record Identifier number (if a previous federal government employee)

Finance Canada conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) in order to identify any privacy risks related to the Program and provide mitigation strategies with respect to those risks.  The PIA demonstrated that few privacy risks were associated with the Program and that the mitigation strategies are appropriate.