Summary of Finance Canada's Privacy Impact Assessment of the Upward Feedback Exercise

The Department of Finance Canada (Finance Canada) is undertaking an upward feedback exercise for its executives and managers. This exercise will enable employees to provide constructive, anonymous feedback on executives and managers with respect to departmental core competencies and public service key leadership competencies. Upward feedback contributes to positive change and greater openness about human resource issues. It also serves as a developmental or learning tool for executives and managers by helping to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Feedback on executives and managers (Finance Canada assistant deputy ministers, executives and managers at the EX-01 minus one level) will be sought from employees using a multiple-choice bilingual survey, with additional open questions allowing for narrative feedback. Executives and managers will also be asked to complete a self-assessment.

The purpose of the upward feedback exercise is to improve the overall management competencies of executives and managers. The information will be compiled into an individualized, confidential report for each executive or manager that aggregates the responses received and highlights the competencies and characteristics observed by respondents as areas of managerial strength or areas in need of improvement. Results interpretation, one-on-one coaching and help in developing an action plan to address areas of improvement will be offered to executives and managers to improve their management competencies. The information will be further compiled into a summary report for each branch of Finance Canada and then presented as an overall departmental report.

The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) concluded that there were some risks associated with the upward feedback exercise. Specifically, two private sector companies will be involved in the treatment of survey information. Fluidware will provide survey services, including the storage of the personal information. BP&M Consulting will generate reports summarizing the results. The most prominent potential risk involves the storage of the personal information and its transmission between Finance Canada and these two companies. However, appropriate mitigation measures have been taken by Finance Canada to ensure that this risk is mitigated as much as possible and that any risk to privacy is minimal.