List of briefing notes prepared for the Minister, the Deputy Minister and the Parliamentary Secretary – September 2016

Note to Readers

The briefing document titles listed below were prepared for the Minister, the Deputy Minister and the Parliamentary Secretary for the Department of Finance Canada. The lists are generated at the end of each month and are a snapshot in time of documents created for that month. In accordance with both the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act, personal or confidential information as well as information related to security have not been included in this listing. If you find a title of interest, you may make an Access to Information Request in order to obtain the records.

September 2016 List of Briefing Notes
WebCIMS Date Addressee Title
Consultations and Communications Branch
2016FIN443450 September 28, 2016 Deputy Minister Approval of hospitality expenditures for the Advisory Council on Economic Growth's meeting on October 20, 2016
2016FIN443562 September 29, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443556 September 29, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
Corporate Services Branch
2016FIN441842 September 9, 2016 Minister of Finance Department of Finance 2015-16 Departmental Performance Report
2016FIN440485 September 12, 2016 Deputy Minister Financial Contribution to the Public Policy Forum's Project : Shovel Worthy? Doing Infrastructure Smarter
2016FIN442031 September 12, 2016 Deputy Minister Annual Call for Corporate Information - Organizational Profiles Under the Policy on Results
2016FIN442691 September 14, 2016 Deputy Minister Letter of Offer for an Indeterminate Appointment
2016FIN442889 September 19, 2016 Deputy Minister Department of Finance - Financial Signing Authority Specimen Signature Form 
2016FIN442891 September 27, 2016 Minister of Finance Office of the Auditor General of Canada's 2015-16 Performance Report 
2016FIN443264 September 28, 2016 Deputy Minister Letter of Offer for a Casual Employment
2016FIN438536 September 29, 2016 Deputy Minister Classification Policy Monitoring Template (CRMPT) Survey
2016FIN442767 September 28, 2016 Deputy Minister Sub-Delegation of Appointment Authorities (Staffing)
Economic Development and Corporate Finance Branch
2016FIN442388 September 2, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442369 September 2, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442079 September 2, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN422197 September 7, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442448 September 8, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442370 September 8, 2016 Deputy Minister Climate Change Luncheon *redacted*
2016FIN442436 September 8, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442214 September 9, 2016 Deputy Minister Unsolicited Proposals for Infrastructure Projects
2016FIN442450 September 15, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN440322 September 15, 2016 Minister of Finance PPP Canada Inc.'s 2015-16 Annual Report to Parliament
2016FIN442444 September 20, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442542 September 21, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442734 September 22, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443066 September 23, 2016 Minister of Finance Governor in Council Appointments - Notice of Opportunity for three director positions on the Canada Development Investment Corporation's board of directors
2016FIN443212 September 26, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442965 September 27, 2016 Deputy Minister Meeting with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
2016FIN443218 September 27, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443257 September 27, 2016 Deputy Minister Meeting on Clean Growth and Climate Change
2016FIN442735 September 29, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443259 September 29, 2016 Minister of Finance Meeting with OCAD University
2016FIN443084 September 29, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443502 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443500 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443542 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442837 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance Strategic Infrastructure Fund *redacted*
2016FIN442940 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance Venture Capital Action Plan: *redacted*
Economic and Fiscal Policy Branch
2016FIN442377 September 2, 2016 Deputy Minister 2015-16 Public Accounts Protocol Meeting on September 6
2016FIN442186 September 2, 2016 Deputy Minister Draft Observations on the 2015-16 Public Accounts
2016FIN442468 September 9, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442638 September 12, 2016 Deputy Minister September 14, 2016 meeting of the Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers
2016FIN441033 September 12, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441179 September 12, 2016 Minister of Finance Update on Departmental Outreach
2016FIN442468rev September 13, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442273 September 13, 2016 Deputy Minister Economic Update for DM's Breakfast
2016FIN442535 September 13, 2016 Deputy Minister Draft Financial Statements Discussion and Analysis
2016FIN442690rev September 15, 2016 Deputy Minister Presentation for Pre-Budget Consultations
2016FIN442884 September 16, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442884rev September 19, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442704 September 20, 2016 Minister of Finance Fiscal Monitor for July 2016
2016FIN442687 September 21, 2016 Minister of Finance Implementation Status of Budget 2016 Measures
2016FIN443023rev September 22, 2016 Minister of Finance Results of the 2016 Private Sector Survey
2016FIN443003 September 22, 2016 Minister of Finance Annual Financial Report for 2015-16
2016FIN442946rev-1 September 22, 2016 Minister of Finance Telephone call with Dominic Barton regarding the Advisory Council on Economic Growth
2016FIN442953 September 22, 2016 Deputy Minister Reply to Parliamentary Budget Officer Information Request IR0238
2016FIN442525 September 26, 2016 Minister of Finance Budget-Estimates Alignment and Estimates Reform
2016FIN443244 September 26, 2016 Minister of Finance Renewal of the Inflation Control Target-Supplementary Questions
2016FIN443475 September 26, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443204 September 27, 2016 Deputy Minister Economic Update for DM's Breakfast
2016FIN443395 September 28, 2016 Minister of Finance Stock Take meeting on "Growing the Middle Class" priority
2016FIN441815 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance Budget 2016 Record of Decision
2016FIN443607 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance October 13th Meeting with Private Sector Economists
Federal Provincial Relations and Social Policy
2016FIN442213 September 2, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442385 September 6, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442373 September 8, 2016 Minister of Finance Call with Newfoundland and Labrador's Finance Minister
2016FIN441789 September 12, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442514 September 12, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441956 September 13, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442462 September 13, 2016 Minister of Finance Meeting with Dr. David Naylor
2016FIN442295 September 13, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442672 September 13, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442640 September 14, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442422 September 14, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442645 September 14, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442707 September 15, 2016 Minister of Finance CPP Enhancement - Extended Media Backgrounder
2016FIN442794 September 16, 2016 Deputy Minister Call with Evan Siddall and Louise Levonian re:  National Housing Strategy Update
2016FIN442424 September 16, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442442 September 19, 2016 Deputy Minister Meeting with Mr. Michael Green, President and CEO and Mr. Denis Gauthier, Chief Operating Officer of Canada Health Infoway
2016FIN441140 September 21, 2016 Deputy Minister  Meeting of the Deputy Ministers' National Security Committee
2016FIN442643 September 21, 2016 Minister of Finance Tabling of the 27th Actuarial Report on the Canada Pension Plan
2016FIN442359 September 21, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442760 September 21, 2016 Minister of Finance Thank you letters to guest speakers at the September 2016 Deputy Ministers' Retreat
2016FIN442882 September 22, 2016 Minister of Finance Canada Health Transfer Backgrounder
2016FIN443173 September 22, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443201 September 22, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443203 September 22, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442652 September 23, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443157 September 23, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443175 September 23, 2016 Deputy Minister *redacted*
2016FIN442305 September 27, 2016 Deputy Minister Deputy Ministers' National Security Retreat
2016FIN442977 September 28, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442492 September 28, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443186 September 28, 2016 Minister of Finance Planning for a Fall 2016 Finance Ministers' Meeting
2016FIN443382 September 28, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443384 September 28, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443385 September 28, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443183 September 30, 2016 Deputy Minister *redacted*
2016FIN442689 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443295 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443397 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443460 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443563 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
Financial Sector Policy Branch
2016FIN441028 September 1, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441019  September 2, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442401 September 8, 2016 Minister of Finance Royal Canadian Mint:  Approval of Numismatic Coin Designs
2016FIN442280 September 9, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442629 September 9, 2016 Minister of Finance Housing Finance Policy Measures
2016FIN442688 September 12, 2016 Deputy Minister Financial Sector Forum - Heads of Agency Panel
2016FIN442449 September 12, 2016 Deputy Minister Call with the Superintendent of Financial Institutions - September 13,  2016 
2016FIN442695 September 12, 2016 Parliamentary Secretary Integrated Market Enforcement Team Program
2016FIN442440 September 13, 2016 Minister of Finance Royal Canadian Mint:  Commemorative Coin Submission - Canada 150
2016FIN442311 September 13, 2016 Minister of Finance Big Six Banks' Third Quarter 2016 Results
2016FIN442866 September 15, 2016 Deputy Minister *redacted*
2016FIN442072 September 15, 2016 Minister of Finance Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions 2015-2016 Departmental Performance Report
2016FIN442312 September 16, 2016 Deputy Minister Presentation on Canada's Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing (AML/ATF) Regime for the Deputy Ministry National Security (DMNS) Committee meeting on September 22, 2016
2016FIN442313 September 16, 2016 Minister of Finance Final Publication of amendments to the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions' pension assessment regulations
2016FIN442398 September 20, 2016 Deputy Minister Bank of Canada:  Board of Directors Meeting September 21-22, 2016
2016FIN442791 September 20, 2016 Minister of Finance Tabling of OSFI and FCAC Annual Reports 
2016FIN442712 September 21, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442035 September 27, 2016 Minister of Finance Approval for Potential Ultra-Long Bond Issuances
2016FIN441952 September 28, 2016 Minister of Finance Royal Canadian Mint:  Tabling Corporate Plan Summaries
2016FIN441262 September 28, 2016 Minister of Finance Tabling of the Canadian Securities Transition Office's 2015-16 Annual Report
2016FIN443482 September 28, 2016 Deputy Minister Senior Advisory Committee Meeting - September 29, 2016
2016FIN443226 September 30, 2016 Deputy Minister Meeting with Atif Mian, Princeton Economics Professor and author of “House of Debt”
2016FIN443443 September 30, 2016 Deputy Minister Meeting with Mr. Guy Cormier, Chief Executive Officer of Desjardins Group
2016FIN443653 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442885 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance Debrief of the Financial Institutions Supervisory Committee meeting of September 22, 2016
2016FIN443343 September 30, 2016 Parliamentary Secretary Meeting with Restaurants Canada on October 18, 2016
2016FIN443582 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
Audit and Evaluation
2016FIN442801 September 19, 2016 Deputy Minister *redacted*
2016FIN442800 September 23, 2016 Minister of Finance Appointment to Finance Canada's Audit Committee
International Trade and Finance Branch
2016FIN442279 September 1, 2016 Deputy Minister Update on the Italian Economy
2016FIN441635 September 1, 2016 Minister of Finance Official Development Assistance Accountability Act - 2016 Consultations
2016FIN442018 September 2, 2016 Deputy Minister ITF Global Economic Digest
2016FIN442350 September 9, 2016 Deputy Minister ITF Global Economic Digest
2016FIN442437 September 12, 2016 Minister of Finance Ottawa dinner event with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde (September 13, 2016)
2016FIN442455 September 12, 2016 Deputy Minister Approval of hospitality expenses for a dinner hosted by Minister Morneau on the occasion of IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde's visit to Ottawa
2016FIN442609 September 14, 2016 Deputy Minister Authority to Extend Hospitality - North American Steel Trade Committee, October 13-14
2016FIN442516 September 15, 2016 Minister of Finance Congratulatory and farewell letters for Mexico's incoming and outgoing Secretaries of Finance
2016FIN442302 September 15, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442778 September 15, 2016 Minister of Finance Background on Trade Remedy Issues for Call with the Canadian Labour Congress
2016FIN442517 September 16, 2016 Deputy Minister ITF Global Economic Digest
2016FIN442372 September 16, 2016 Minister of Finance 2015-16 Bretton Woods Report to Parliament
2016FIN442063 September 16, 2016 Minister of Finance Participation in Upcoming G20 / IMF / World Bank Group Annual Meetings
2016FIN442451 September 16, 2016 Minister of Finance Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Next Steps
2016FIN442618 September 16, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442880 September 19, 2016 Minister of Finance Follow up on Canadian International Engagement Strategy and Upcoming Outreach Opportunities
2016FIN442335 September 19, 2016 Minister of Finance Letter to Claire Dansereau for Service as Canada's Director at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
2016FIN442772 September 19, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442929 September 19, 2016 Minister of Finance Meeting with Dr. Muhammad Yunus
2016FIN442399 September 20, 2016 Minister of Finance Meeting with Members of the Retail Council of Canada
2016FIN442803 September 23, 2016 Deputy Minister ITF Global Economic Digest
2016FIN443058 September 23, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442989 September 23, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443038 September 26, 2016 Minister of Finance IMF and World Bank Group: Election of Executive Directors
2016FIN442846 September 27, 2016 Minister of Finance Bilateral Meeting with Arun Jaitley, Indian Finance Minister - October 3,  2016
2016FIN443153 September 27, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442851 September 27, 2016 Minister of Finance IMF and World Bank Group Annual  Meetings: International Monetary and Finance Committee and Development Committee Statements
2016FIN443285 September 28, 2016 Deputy Minister *redacted*
2016FIN443050 September 29, 2016 Minister of Finance Update on Canadian Engagement at the Multilateral Development Banks
2016FIN443253 September 29, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443291 September 29, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443193 September 30, 2016 Deputy Minister ITF Global Economic Digest
2016FIN442947 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance Response to IMF on Canadian Participation in IMF 2016 Borrowing Agreements
2016FIN443352 September 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
Tax Policy Branch
2016FIN440892 September 1, 2016 Minister of Finance Tax Administration Agreement for the Deline Got'ine Government Goods and Services Tax
2016FIN441621 September 2, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN440673 September 8, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN440893 September 8, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442011 September 8, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442446 September 8, 2016 Deputy Minister *redacted*
2016FIN432886 September 12, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442441 September 12, 2016 Minister of Finance Summary of Ontario's Cap-and-Trade Program
2016FIN442648 September 14, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442845 September 19, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN440098 September-22-16 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441582 September 23, 2016 Minister of Finance Proposed correspondence to members of the medical profession
2016FIN442967 September 26, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442613 September 26, 2016 Deputy Minister *redacted*
2016FIN442972 September 28, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN443537 September 30, 2016 Deputy Minister *redacted*