List of briefing notes prepared for the Minister, the Deputy Minister and the Parliamentary Secretary – August 2016

Note to Readers

The briefing document titles listed below were prepared for the Minister, the Deputy Minister and the Parliamentary Secretary for the Department of Finance Canada. The lists are generated at the end of each month and are a snapshot in time of documents created for that month. In accordance with both the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act, personal or confidential information as well as information related to security have not been included in this listing. If you find a title of interest, you may make an Access to Information Request in order to obtain the records.

August 2016 List of Briefing Notes
WebCIMS Date Addressee Title
Consultations and Communications Branch
2016FIN440796 August 2, 2016 Deputy Minister *redacted*
Corporate Services Branch
2016FIN441777 August 17, 2016 Deputy Minister Interchange Canada Agreement
2016FIN441814 August 19, 2016 Deputy Minister Revision to Sub-Delegation of Staffing Authorities Process
2016FIN441437 August 23, 2016 Minister of Finance 2016-17 Quarterly Financial Report (QFR) for the Quarter Ended June 30, 2016
2016FIN441604 August 23, 2016 Deputy Minister Public Accounts 2015-16 Letter of Representation Update
2016FIN442004 August 30, 2016 Deputy Minister Letter of Offer for an Indeterminate Appointment
2016FIN442167 August 30, 2016 Deputy Minister Event approval for attendance at the 2016 Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) National Conference and the Government Internal Auditors Council of Canada (GIACC) Forum (Sept 26-30)
2016FIN442244 August 31, 2016 Deputy Minister 2015-2016 Departmental Financial Statements
2016FIN442254 August 31, 2016 Deputy Minister Interchange Canada Agreement
Economic Development and Corporate Finance Branch
2016FIN441273 August 3, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN440401 August 3, 2016 Deputy Minister Teleconference with Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Deputy Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic development on clean technology and infrastructure
2016FIN441264 August 5, 2016 Minister of Finance Divestiture of Federal Dams to Saskatchewan
2016FIN441080 August 12, 2016 Minister of Finance Update - Lower Churchill Federal Loan Guarantee
2016FIN441503 August 16, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN416504 August 16, 2016 Minister of Finance Publicly available cost estimates for Fighter Jets
2016FIN441615 August 16, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441685 August 16, 2016 Minister of Finance Update on long-term infrastructure plan (ON HOLD)
2016FIN441740 August 17, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441564 August 19, 2016 Deputy Minister Reply Letter to Parliamentary Budget Officer
2016FIN441868 August 19, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441902 August 25, 2016 Deputy Minister Meeting on Clean Growth and Climate Change on August 26, 2016
2016FIN442171 August 29, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN440993 August 30, 2016 Deputy Minister Meeting with National Defence on Budget Pressures and the Defence Policy Review
2016FIN441224 August 30, 2016 Deputy Minister Meeting with Representatives from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)
2016FIN442041 August 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441991 August 31, 2016 Deputy Minister Departmental gender-based analysis enhancements
Economic and Fiscal Policy Branch
2016FIN441701 August 17, 2016 Deputy Minister Requirement to provide information under the Employment Insurance Regime
2016FIN441783 August 17, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441261 August 17, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441899 August 22, 2016 Minister of Finance Advisory Council on Economic Growth Meeting on August 24-25
2016FIN441707 August 22, 2016 Minister of Finance Fiscal Monitor for June 2016
2016FIN441929 August 23, 2016 Minister of Finance Financial Results for the 2015-16 Fiscal Year
2016FIN441954 August 25, 2016 Deputy Minister Economic Update for DM's Breakfast
2016FIN441862rev August 26, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441999 August 26, 2016 Minister of Finance 2017 Actuarial Report on the Employment Insurance Premium Rate
2016FIN442209 August 30, 2016 Minister of Finance Stewardship Board Call for the Economic Forum's Initiative on Economic Growth and Social Inclusion
2016FIN441784 August 31, 2016 Minister of Finance Second Quarter 2016 Canadian Economic Accounts
Federal - Provincial Relations and Social Policy Branch
2016FIN441608 August 10, 2016 Deputy Minister Deputy Ministers' Committee meeting on Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples
2016FIN441644 August 15, 2016 Deputy Minister *redacted*
2016FIN441619 August 16, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441628 August 17, 2016 Minister *redacted*
2016FIN441588 August 18, 2016 Minister *redacted*
2016FIN440595 August 25, 2016 Minister *redacted*
2016FIN442075 August 26, 2016 Deputy Minister Meeting with the President of the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)
2016FIN441861 August 26, 2016 Deputy Minister Scenario note: Federal-Provincial-Territorial Finance Deputy Ministers' Retreat
Financial Sector Policy Branch
2016FIN440385 August 3, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441419 August 9, 2016 Deputy Minister Release of Foreign Reserve Transaction Data
2016FIN439289 August 11, 2016 Minister of Finance Regulatory Amendments to The Canadian Payments Association By-laws No. 2 and No. 3
2016FIN440727 August 11, 2016 Minister of Finance Next Steps on the Revised Draft Capital Markets Stability Act
2016FIN439515 August 11, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN439860 August 12, 2016 Minister of Finance Letter from the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Regarding an Update of Regulatory Activities under the Protection of Residential Mortgage or Hypothecary Insurance Act
2016FIN441385 August 15, 2016 Minister of Finance First Annual third party verifications of the voluntary Visa and MasterCard undertakings
2016FIN441293 August 15, 2016 Minister of Finance Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Request for the Approval of Hospitality Costs
2016FIN441587 August 19, 2016 Minister of Finance 2016 Debt Management Consultations
2016FIN441063 August 19, 2016 Minister of Finance Royal Canadian Mint: Circulation Coins
2016FIN441413 August 19, 2016 Minister of Finance 2016-17 Retail Debt Sales Campaign - Pricing procedure (November to April)
2016FIN441812 August 22, 2016 Minister of Finance Meeting with Mr. David I. McKay, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
2016FIN441540 August 23, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN442098 August 25, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441536 August 26, 2016 Minister of Finance Tabling of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation 2016 Annual Report
2016FIN441660 August 26, 2016 Minister of Finance Consultation Paper on the Deposit Insurance Review
2016FIN441218 August 26, 2016 Minister of Finance Big Three Life Insurance Companies' 2016 Second Quarter Results
2016FIN441810 August 31, 2016 Minister of Finance Approval of Agreements to exchange information between the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada and the Intelligence Units of *redacted*
International Trade and Finance Branch
2016FIN440732 August 3, 2016 Minister of Finance Result of Public Consultations on Potential Amendments to the Special Import Measures Act
2016FIN441102 August 3, 2016 Minister of Finance Notice of Opportunity for the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Chair Position
2016FIN440431 August 3, 2016 Minister of Finance Tabling of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal's 2015-16 Annual Report
2016FIN441023 August 4, 2016 Minister of Finance Attendance at APEC Finance Ministerial Meeting
2016FIN441203 August 5, 2016 Deputy Minister ITF Global Economic Digest
2016FIN438203 August 5, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441384 August 8, 2016 Minister of Finance Attendance at G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou, China (September 4-5, 2016)
2016FIN441338 August 9, 2016 Deputy Minister ITF Global Risk Monitor - August Issue
2016FIN441380 August 12, 2016 Deputy Minister ITF Global Economic Digest
2016FIN441547 August 12, 2016 Minister of Finance IMF Managing Director Lagarde's visit to Ottawa (September 13-14, 2016)
2016FIN441389 August 12, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN440594 August 15, 2016 Minister of Finance Participation in Upcoming OECD Seminar on Global Capital Flows
2016FIN441598 August 16, 2016 Minister of Finance Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Expression of Interest
2016FIN441642 August 16, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441757 August 16, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN440661 August 16, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441620 August 17, 2016 Deputy Minister Update on the Chinese Economy
2016FIN441662 August 17, 2016 Deputy Minister Update on the International Assistance Review
2016FIN441656 August 19, 2016 Deputy Minister ITF Global Economic Digest
2016FIN441352 August 23, 2016 Minister of Finance GTFAD Meeting of August 25
2016FIN441982 August 25, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441840 August 26, 2016 Deputy Minister ITF Global Economic Digest
2016FIN442194 August 29, 2016 Deputy Minister Nomination Letter of Paul Samson to the Board of CIGI
2016FIN441522 August 29, 2016 Deputy Minister Update on the Japanese Economy
2016FIN439378 August 29, 2016 Minister of Finance Nomination of Canadian Executive Directors at International Financial Institutions
2016FIN441826 August 30, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN440175 August 31, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
Law Branch
2016FIN441858 August 19, 2016 Minister of Finance Canada's Factum in the Quebec Securities Reference
Tax Policy Branch
2016FIN441226 August 3, 2016 Minister of Finance BC Additional Transfer Tax for Foreign Entities
2016FIN432886 August 5, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441297 August 5, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441058 August 8, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441254 August 9, 2016 Minister of Finance Assessment of Qualified Donee Status *redacted*
2016FIN440892 August 15, 2016 Minister of Finance Tax Administration Agreement for the Déline Got’ine Government Goods and Services Tax
2016FIN440251 August 15, 2016 Deputy Minister *redacted*
2016FIN439489 August 15, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN440726 August 19, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted* Request - Foreign Tax Credits
2016FIN440095 August 26, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*
2016FIN441549 August 29, 2016 Minister of Finance *redacted*