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Terry Sanford's Submission in Response to Finance Canada's Regulatory Framework for Federally Regulated Defined Benefit Pension Plans consultation:

Recent articles seem to indicate that certain, federally regulated 'locked in' pension savings (RRSP eligible) are unavailable to individuals who may have good reason to need them before retirement.

The need could be due to loss of a job, ill health, unexpected financial constraints upon an individual or family; in some circumstances the need could be 'dire'.

Also it is understood that in some other jurisdictions similar RRSP/RPP eligible savings, arranged through and by an individual's employer, CAN BE accessed under less stringent circumstances.

This would be similar to someone, such as myself, being able to access, with the payment of the appropriate Revenue Canada income taxes, my 'private' or 'self directed' RRSP savings.

No access at all under any conditions whatsoever seems grossly unfair. Possibly inhumane?

Seems as though this inequity should be addressed before someone, who possibly can ill afford to do so, decides to take it to court under the Canadian Charter.

If/when the Federal Government then loses that case it would get another 'Black Eye'?  

Terry Sanford. Non involved pensioner.