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In the summer of 2004 we presented an ambitious agenda and clear commitments to Canadians in four priority areas. These were:

With Budget 2005 the government is delivering on all these commitments, and doing so while presenting our eighth consecutive balanced budget.




Canadians share a belief in equality of opportunity - that all Canadians should have the chance to succeed, achieve their potential and participate fully in the promise of Canadian society.


They expect governments to work together to improve access to first-rate health care and social programs. And they demand accountability, transparency and effectiveness in how these programs are managed - they demand that every hard-earned tax dollar is well spent. 


Consistent with these values, Budget 2005 delivers on the government's commitment to invest in people and secure our social foundations. It provides: 




As part of a nation that includes people from around the globe, Canadians have a keen sense of the world beyond their borders.


Budget 2005 delivers on the government's commitment to strengthen Canada's role in the world so we can meet our global obligations and take full advantage of our global opportunities. It provides:



The government made a commitment to achieving a more productive, growing and environmentally sustainable economy. 


Budget 2005 delivers on that commitment. It includes measures:

We are also committing significant funding to a national early learning and child care program. And we are investing in the skills of people to help them prosper and make Canada's economy more productive. 


We are reducing taxes for all Canadians - especially those with low- and modest incomes. 

And we are giving savings and investment a boost through higher RRSP limits and lower taxes on small business and corporations.