Department of Finance Organizational Structure

Minister: Joe Oliver

Minister of State (Finance): Kevin Sorenson

Parliamentary Secretary: Andrew Saxton

  • Deputy Minister: Paul Rochon
    • Associate Deputy Minister and G7/G20 & FSB Deputy for Canada: Timothy Sargent
    • Associate Deputy Minister: Marta Morgan
    • Clifford Clark Visiting Economist: Vacant
    • Director, Values and Ethics: Greg W. Gauthier


Economic and Fiscal Policy Branch

  • Assistant Deputy Minister: Jean-François Perrault
  • General Director: Nicholas Leswick

Economic Development and Corporate Finance Branch

  • Assistant Deputy Minister: Richard Botham
  • General Director: Leah Anderson

Federal-Provincial Relations and Social Policy Branch

  • Assistant Deputy Minister: Diane Lafleur
  • General Director: Catherine Adam

Financial Sector Policy Branch

  • Assistant Deputy Minister: Rob Stewart
  • General Director: Vacant

International Trade and Finance Branch

  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Acting): Paul Samson
  • General Director: Vacant

Tax Policy Branch

  • Senior Assistant Deputy Minister: Andrew Marsland
  • General Director (Legislation): Brian Ernewein
  • General Director (Analysis): Geoff Trueman

Law Branch

  • Assistant Deputy Minister and Counsel: Sandra Hassan
  • General Counsel and Executive Director – General Legal Services Division: Cindy Shipton-Mitchell
  • General Counsel and Executive Director – Tax Counsel Division: Robert Wong

Corporate Services Branch

  • Assistant Deputy Minister: Randy Larkin

Consultations and Communications Branch

  • Assistant Deputy Minister: Pamela Aung-Thin
  • General Director: Vacant

Internal Audit and Evaluation

  • Senior Director: Christian Kratchanov