Completed Access to Information Requests: August 2014

Closed Requests – August 2014
Request Number Summary Disposition Number of Pages
A-2013-00509 Copies of selected briefing notes to the Minister of Finance and the Deputy Minister during the period of November 13 to November 27, 2014. Disclosed in part 77
A-2014-00006 Copy of the study from the Department of Finance concerning the tax impact of the implementation of income splitting for couples with children. Disclosed in part 115
A-2014-00021 Final versions of briefing notes, analytical studies and reports prepared by the Department of Finance on pension income-splitting, created between January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2008. Disclosed in part 18
A-2014-00022 Documents regarding reducing the Goods and Services Tax rate from 7% to 6% to 5%, created between January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2007. Disclosed in part 59
A-2014-00037 Copies of potential cabinet confidences that arose from request A-2013-00520 - regarding the role and future of the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation. Nothing disclosed (excluded) 0
A-2014-00040 Copies of the following briefing notes: Taxation of Non-resident Canadians Citizens Properties; Taxation of Citizens Abroad Properties; Input for your Call with Sriram Subrahmanyan, Ontario ADM of Tax Policy. Disclosed in part 12
A-2014-00064 List of briefing notes for the Minister, Deputy Minister, and Minister of State prepared in the month of June 2014, excluding cabinet confidences. Disclosed in part 9

All records relating to the donation of the Arnold Newman Photography Collection of 4,821 photographs by the taxpayer and any information relating directly or indirectly to the valuation of multiple object donations of cultural property.

Disclosed in part 46
A-2014-00099 All records in Deputy Minister’s Office or Minister’s Office about use of kijiji as part of analysis on labour shortage, from March 1, 2014 to May 9, 2014. Disclosed in part 6
A-2014-00123 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN406150: Non-Profit Organization Consultation Paper - Revised Disclosed in part 6
A-2014-00124 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN405860: TPP Financial Services Negotiation Disclosed in part 8
A-2014-00126 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN401896: Credit Card Market Reforms - Background Information Disclosed in part 15
A-2014-00127 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN406846: Target Benefit Plan letter to Provinces and Territories Disclosed in part 16
A-2014-00128 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN407201: Tax Policy Branch Priorities for 2014-15 Disclosed in part 17
A-2014-00129 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN404773: Briefing on income growth across the income distribution and the economic situation of the middle class. Disclosed in part 64
A-2014-00130 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN405643: Response to letter from the Alberta Finance Minister: Update on projected costs under the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements for the 2013 Alberta Floods Disclosed in part 5
A-2014-00139 Comfort Letters for June 2014 Disclosed in part 2
A-2014-00144 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN404110: OSFI's Report on Contracts with Former Public Servants in Receipt of a Public Service Superannuation Act Pension All disclosed 5
A-2014-00147 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN403582: Globe and Mail Article on the Volatility of Statistics Canada Employment Data Disclosed in part 11
A-2014-00150 Memorandum 2014FIN403460: Meeting with Mr. Robert Deluce, President and CEO of Porter Airlines Inc. Disclosed in part 8
A-2014-00151 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN405999: Approval of the Department's Annual Public Opinion Research Plan for 2014-2015 Disclosed in part 5
A-2014-00156 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN406150: Non-Profit Organization Consultation Paper - Revised Disclosed in part 6
A-2014-00158 Copy of Memorandum 2014FIN406136: Canada Pension Plan and Access to Information Disclosed in part 7
A-2014-00175 Any information involving Harmony Beef Company Ltd. or Vesta Holdings Inc. Does not exist 0

Records between August 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012 related to any communications between the Empire Life Insurance Company of Canada, the Minister of State for Finance, or the Minister of Finance, related to pensions or retirement savings.

Does not exist 0
A-2014-00191 Comfort Letters for July 2014 Does not exist 0
A-2014-00209 All information regarding the drafting of sections 8 and 9 of the 1948 Income Tax Act as originally enacted Does not exist 0
A-2014-00214 Comfort Letters for March 2014 Disclosed in part 4
A-2014-00215 Comfort Letters for April 2014 Disclosed in part 4
A-2014-00216 Comfort Letters for May 2014 Disclosed in part 4
A-2014-00219 Comfort Letters for January 2014 Disclosed in part 4
A-2014-00220 Comfort Letters for February 2014 Disclosed in part 4